Tank Commander – Age: 13 plus

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This is your chance to bring your chosen comrades with you in action. They too will get to experience the thrill of all the activities that you are taking part in.
Lots of people like to laugh at their wife and kids standing in the compound waving frantically and trying to get the best picture as they whizz past throwing mud in their trail.
Put a smile on their face too – Paying commanders are treated to full commando training: Camouflage cladding, Camouflage face paint to hide them from the enemy, and riding as your commander and corp in the vehicles command hatch and crew compartment. They can each take turns standing out of the commanders hatch directly behind you.. Navigating.. (no back seat drivers tolerated!)
They will also have exclusive access to our track centre ‘Secret’ observation bunker where they can shoot you (Photo/Video) till their heart’s content. The best picture and video angles on site are achieved from the bunker as the tank swings over the top of the steep mounds and splashes through the water dip! – Not to be missed…


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Available as an add on to any of our one-to-one driving experiences such as ‘The Major General’. (Bring as many commanders as your tank can carry!) – As the ‘Tank Commander’ come and enjoy a whole new experience of back seat driving.. Join your ‘chauffeur’ in the tank and ride in the commanders hatch directly behind them!

Published: September 27th, 2021  

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