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When you arrive on site you will be kitted up with all the correct equipment, this is for age 12 +
The 30 min session runs on operational dates entails :-

minimum group no is 4 it can be less but the session cost is the same.



Here at Tank Driving Scotland we can offer some other fun activities beside Heavy Metal, unfortunately the arrows are not your James Bond high explosive armour piercing but when you hit a bulls eye we are sure it will give the same satisfaction.

Our archery is based on a group of 4 at £ 29 per person don’t worry if there is not 4 of you you will just have more attention on the session.

Our Instructors will ensure you are kitted up a little like Rambo and ensure that you are fully trained to take aim at our targets,

Once we have got you hitting the bull we have some fun games like Archery darts, Archery Poker and pop the balloon, so you can put your new found skill to the test

Published: September 27th, 2021  

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